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New Double Lock

With the design integrity and proven locking mechanisms of the past, Toxonics has unveiled the new DOUBLE LOCK target sight. The new target sight comes with a completely redesigned windage unit. There are no springs , bushings, or small pins to wear or fail. The first and third axis leveling adjustments are incorporated into the direct drive unit hinged around two screws ergonomically located on the front of the sight. a small lock knob fixes the hexagon rod in place with no radial play for the most solid lock out windage ever created by Toxonics. The design changes also reduced the weight of the sight by 10%.
The double lock is available in standard lenght travel and a shorter 3D base unit with dovetail extension bars in 5" and 9" lengths. Colors include Satin Black and Shiny Silver.

57003D-B 359.99
57003D-S 369.99

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