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Toxonics Manufacturing, Inc. : Instructions : Third Axis Leveling for T6000


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Third axis leveling is next. Point your sight up to the sky (your sight should look like a T). Place the SC-108 leveling tool onto the extension bar and check the bubbles. If you need to adjust this sight, you will loosen the two cap screws that are on top of the windage block. Loosen both screws about two or three turns. Adjust your sight until the bubbles are in the middle (on the scope and the leveling tool). Tighten both screws back down snugly.

Your sight is now leveled, however, Toxonics recommends one final step that you will need one other person for. Reattach the sight to the bow by sliding the extension bar into the bow plate. Tighten down the knob. Roll the knob on the side until the two screws that connect the extension to the base are exposed. Come to full draw and close your eyes. This will put you into your natural shooting form. While you are in your natural shooting form, have your friend loosen up the screws in the base and move the vertical base until the bubble in the scope is in the middle. Tighten that screw back down and you are now ready to sight in.