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Toxonics Manufacturing, Inc. : Instructions : Top Dog S-50 or S-38


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Congratulations on your purchase of one of the finest, most durable hunting sight on the market today. With just a little bit of care, this sight should last you for years to come. Here are the basic instructions for assembling the sight.

The first step to remove the items from the package and place then on a table. To attach the sight head (the part with the pins) to the windage unit, first you loosen the screw on the windage unit. Then you slide the head into the dove tailed slot. Then tighten the screw so that the base does not move. Next you will attach the windage to the extension bar loosening the screw on the extension bar and inserting the windage into the dovetail slot. Tighten the scrwe down again so that the windage does not move. Then you will attach the extension bar to the riser using the two enclosed flat head screws.

Next you need to get a rough idea of where your pins need to be for shooting. The best way to do this is to knock and arrow and let it rest on the arrow rest. By looking at the bow from behind (like you would be getting ready to draw) you will be able to see if you need to move the windage unit left or right. To move your windage unit, you will loosen the screw on the extension bar and manually move the sight right or left. Once you have the pins inline (or at least real close) with your arrow, then you tighten the knob back down. You are now ready to sight in your hunting sight.

When sighting in, it is recommended that you start at approximately 7 yards and use the top pin. This is recommended because the settings are actually very close to the same as if you were at 20 yards and there is less of a risk of losing an arrow. We recommend that you use a target with the x in the middle and aim at the x so you have a starting point. It is recommended to sight in the left and right first. It will make sighting in the vertical easier. Shoot your first arrow into the target. While sighting in, it is best to make small adjustments and the shoot another arrow. Remember, always follow the arrow.(i.e. if you miss left, move your windage left and vice versa.) Continue this process until your arrow is in line with the x in the middle of the target. When this happens, it is now time to adjust for your vertical. There are two ways to handle this, you can adjust the pin individually by loosening up the cap screw on the back side of the sight and manually sliding the pin up or down. Or you can loosen the screw that is on windage and sliding the head up or down. Once you are hitting the x at 7 yards, you can then step back to 20 yards and take a couple of more shots to fine tune. After you are sighted in at 20, move back and repeat the process until all of your pins are sighted in. You will have to manually move the pins for the further yardages. Please remember, there is no right or wrong yardage to sight your sight in for. If you want to sight the pins at 15,23 ½, 34, 42, and 51 or whatever that is completely up to you.